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Message from the Head of Department

The Department of Private Law has 11 full-time academic staff members, one temporary academic staff member and one full-time departmental administrator. Nearly all academic staff members hold doctoral degrees. The academic members of staff are supported in their duties by three academic associates who are postgraduate students in the Faculty and several tutors who are undergraduate law students.

The Department of Private Law strives to be recognised for its international competitiveness, local relevance, continuous innovative education, research and academic service learning and to be a leader in education pertaining to private law. The Department presents mainly substantive law subjects and one of the objectives of the Department is to provide balanced curricula which include “the law as it is” and “the law as it should be”. Over the years the Department has established a reputation as one of the leading centres for research in law, not only as far as the extent of research output is concerned, but also in view of the quality and scholarly nature of the research output of the Department. The teaching, research and community service of the Department are enhanced by the work of dedicated staff members in the Centre for Child Law and the Centre for Intellectual Property Law which are both accommodated within the Department.

The service rendered by the Department is of a high quality, leading students who are exposed to law in the lectures presented by the Department, to form a positive outlook on their career path, encourage life-long learning and treasure democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights.

(Prof) Trynie Boezaart

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