Research Programmes in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

Plant diversity and taxonomy

  • Studies on the diversity, phytogeography, utilisation and conservation of southern African flora

Plant Ecology

  • Ecological drivers of biodiversity from continental to community levels
  • Phytosociology of the grassland, savanna and succulent karoo biomes of South Africa

Medicinal Plant Science

  • Development of pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products from plants
  • Metabolomics of secondary compounds from indigenous plants


  • Molecular plant-pathogen interactions
  • Crop genomics
  • Molecular "pharming" (recombinant protein production in plants)

Plant Pathology

  • Soilborne diseases biocontrol and biological plant growth enhancement
  • Research into microorganisms, and their insect associates, that cause diseases of native and plantation trees
  • Diagnosis, epidemiology and management of soil-borne diseases of potatoes and soybeans


Plant Science Publications


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