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Plant Science is the scientific study of plants. This study includes all aspects of a plant, which are their procreation (Reproduction), structure (Morphology), names and naming (Nomenclature), classification (Taxonomy), chemical and physical processes within the plant (Plant Physiology), global distribution (Plant Geography) and the relationship amongst plants and between plants and the environment (Plant Ecology). This science further entails the study of plant heredity (Plant Genetics), plant diseases (Plant Pathology) as well as evolutionary development and plant fossils (Palaeobotany).

Apart from the primary and very important contribution of plants to any biological system, they also play a fundamental role in many other aspects of the biological world, of which food provision is but one. New applications of indigenous plant species are receiving much attention right now. Our country has a very rich flora with a large variety of plant species, which are adapted to flourish in many different habitats. South Africa is therfore a paradise to anyone wishing to study the variety of indigenous plants, as well as their uses and way of living.

Accept this challenge and at the same time enjoy a fulfilling student life and botanical profession while unraveling the secrets of plants and contributing to our society and our country. 


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