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Welcome to the Department of Plant Production and Soil Science.

Ever-increasing human populations and increased industrialisation exert great pressure on our natural resources. Some of the greatest challenges both developed and developing countries around the world face are sustainable food production and soil utilisation, as well as the protection and reclamation of soil and groundwater resources. These challenges can be met through a broad understanding of plant and environmental interactions and insight into soil chemical, physical and biological processes. The Department of Plant Production and Soil Science is a multidisciplinary department and consists of four broad disciplines: Agronomy, Horticultural Science, Soil Science and Pasture Science.

Each discipline has specific focuses, which in many instances involve cross-cutting research projects. We believe that multidisciplinary training, as well as specialisation in Agronomy, Horticultural Science, Pasture Science and Soil Science, will enable graduates and postgraduates from our Department to embark on a diverse range of careers in both the agricultural and environmental fields.

The various disciplines of the Department of Plant Production and Soil Science are presently complemented by 14 academics, two emeritus professors, one honorary professors, seven extraordinary professors and 10 support staff. The diverse disciplines and the strong complement of academics attract many postgraduate students locally and from the rest of Africa. The highly qualified academics also attract substantial external project funding to the Department.

Prof JG Annandale


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