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The important facilities at Phytotron A include:

  • Evaporation-cooled glasshouses with rotating tables
  • Fully automated hydroponics system,
  • 18 free draining lysimeters.

/sitefiles/Image/48/2056/Rotatingtable.jpg /sitefiles/Image/48/2056/Lisimeters.jpg
Evaporation-cooled glasshouses

Free draining lysimeters

Contact person: Mr Jacques Marneweck

The important facilities at Phytotron B include:

  • Evaporation-cooled glasshouses
  • Mistbeds facilities
  • Post-harvest fruit packing facility
  • Pecan, deciduous fruit, citrus and avocado orchard.


/sitefiles/Image/48/2056/Mistbeds(1).jpg /sitefiles/Image/48/2056/Fruitorchard.jpg
Mistbed facility

  Deciduous fruit orchard

Contact person: Prof E du Toit and Dr Nicolette Taylor

Capacity: micropropagation of plant material in a controlled and sterile environment

Equipment: laminar-flow cabinets, growth chambers, large-volume autoclaves

Contact person: Prof Elsa du Toit

The important facilities at Phytotron D include:

  • Temperature (8° - 45°C), light intensity (partial), photoperiod- and humidity-controlled, walk-in growth chambers
  • Temperature (8° - 45°C), light intensity (partial) and photoperiod-controlled glasshouses (19.5 m2 in floor size)
  • Etiolation chambers (darkroom) with similar temperature-control facilities.


/sitefiles/Image/48/2056/Walkin growth chamber.jpg /sitefiles/Image/48/2056/Walkin growth chamber.jpg
Walk-in growth chambers

 Photoperiod-controlled glasshouses

Contact person: Jacques Marneweck

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