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Anatomy Laboratory

Capacity: embedding samples in wax, sectioning fresh and wax-embedded samples, dissecting and light microscopy, staining
Equipment: dissecting microscope and various light microscopes with mounted camera, wax microtome, freeze microtome
Contact person: Prof Hannes Robbertse/ Dr Nicolette Taylor

Anatomy laboratory

Environmental Biophysics Lab

Capacity: field-scale soil water, salt and nutrient-balance modelling
Equipment: controlled outflow cells, Bruce-Klute cells and tension-infiltrometers for the characterisation of hydraulic properties of porous media, wetting front detectors (, neutron water meters, ceramic cup water samplers and time-domain reflectometry
Contact person: Prof. John  Annandale 

Plant Physiology Laboratory

Capacity: phenol, carbohydrate and polyamine analyses of plant tissue, plant pigment analyses, fruit quality assessments
Equipment: HPLC, spectrophotometer, rota-evaporators, centrifuge, freeze drier, titrator
Contact person: Dr. Nicolette Taylor

/sitefiles/Image/48/2056/Fisiologielab.jpg Physiology  laboratory

Soil, Water and Plant Analysis Laboratory

Capacity: heavy metal-, trace-element and nutrient analyses of plant, soil and water, physical characterisation of porous media, "clean room" facilities for trace-element extraction, constant-temperature room
Equipment: ICP-AES, A.A. spectrometer, flow analysis system, digestion blocks, Keljahl distillations systems and pressure-plate apparatus
Contact person: Mr Chris de Jager

/sitefiles/Image/48/2056/Grondlab.jpg Soil, Plant and Water Analysis laboratory

Soil Microbiology Laboratory

Capacity: soil DNA-analysis and molecular microbial diversity studies
Equipment: denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (D.G.G.E) system 
Contact person: Dr. Karen Surridge

Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis system

Tissue Culture Laboratory

Capacity: micropropagation of plant material in controlled and sterile environment
Equipment: l
aminar-flow cabinets, growth chambers, large-volume autoclaves, mist beds
Contact person: Prof.Elsa du Toit


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