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Sustainable plant production and plant, soil, water and environmental processes are the main research focuses in our Department. Most of the research projects in the Department focus on:

  • Sustainable production of crops for food, fibre, oil, pasture and fodder crops as well as fruit and ornamental plants through growth manipulation, improved water-usage efficiency, fertilizer and weed management
  • Sustainable utilisation of biosolids and industrial byproducts, e.g. metallurgic slags and fly-ash, in agriculture and land reclamation
  • Field-scale soil water, salt and nutrient-balance modelling
  • Heavy metal transformation, attenuation and mobility in soils
  • Reclamation of disturbed land, e.g. the reclamation of land disturbed by mining, other industrial and agricultural activities
  • Sustainability irrigation with poor water quality, e.g. irrigation with saline mine water.
  • Crop physiology and biotechnology


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