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Student fees 2016
20 October 2015


Fees at University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria this morning agreed to plans to implement a 6% tuition fee increase for 2016 following the agreement reached with the Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Nzimande yesterday.

Furthermore, to register in 2016 students will be required to pay a registration fee. This registration fee is deducted from the total tuition fees for the year. Students whose studies are sponsored by a third party, such as a financial institution or a prospective employer, are exempted from paying the initial fee.  Students who qualify for NSFAS funding are also exempted from payment of the fee.

The University has since received a memorandum with demands from the students which the Executive is currently studying with a view a to giving them a response as soon as possible.


Prof Cheryl de la Rey

Vice-Chancellor and Principal






As part of the normal process of engagement the Vice-Principal: Student Affairs met with the Student Representative Council (SRC) on 19 October 2015 to continue discussions on the student fees for 2016.

At the meeting the University agreed to the alternative proposals for the initial payments as submitted by the SRC last week, bringing the registration fee for undergraduate students (including new students) in 2016 to R5 500 and not R7 500.

In light of the declaration made at the 2nd Higher Education Transformation Summit, which was attended by both the Vice-Chancellor and the Vice-Principal, the University has declared its commitment to the affordability of student fees in light of the current economic climate. Further meetings with the student leadership have been scheduled.

The Minister of Higher Education and Training has called an urgent meeting with the Executive Committees of Universities South Africa and Council Chairs Forum, students and workers to discuss the issue of fee increases on 20 October 2015. Our Vice-Chancellor and Principal will form part of the delegation and is looking forward to the outcome of the meeting.

The University will, in its decisions regarding fees for 2016, take into account the economic climate and the circumstances of students from poor backgrounds. In the latter regard the Vice-Chancellor has taken various initiatives in 2015 to raise funds for needy students, inter alia through the UP NSFAS and the Tuks Scholarship Fund. To date more than R5 million has been raised through the Tuks Scholarship Fund.

Student protest on other campuses may affect the University of Pretoria as is evident from the social media traffic. The University is monitoring the situation. As soon as the Management is of the view that there is a threat to persons, property or infrastructure, it will take necessary measures to protect the safety of its staff and students.

Staff and students are urged to keep an eye on the website for updates in this regard.


Prof CM de la Rey
Vice-Chancellor and Principal
- Author Department of University Relations
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