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The Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Pretoria is a dynamic department and is the largest Department of Mechanical Engineering in South Africa. The Department is focused on the future and it offers the aspirant engineer the opportunity to study in a pleasant environment. Through the modern structure of the Department, we have provided a special and unique opportunity for students to prepare themselves for the demands of their future work environment. Well-equipped laboratories and a competent lecturing corps, combined with the dynamics of a big city on the threshold of our campus, ensure that the Department remains at the forefront of the latest technology and makes our University the number one choice for prospective students.

Our Department has a traditional rich background in fundamental and applied engineering, which it has maintained as research areas that focus on increasingly narrower topics within subject disciplines. This heritage provides the Department with the breadth to offer a sound undergraduate education. At the same time, the specialization of academic staff provides a stimulating environment for research. Our academic staff enjoys international recognition and have received many prizes for excellent research, peer-reviewed articles and have delivered contributions by invitation to conferences.

The Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering’s commitment to quality makes us one of the top research universities in the world and one of the foremost providers of high-level intellectual capital. Furthermore, we are renowned for our unique approach to innovation and design, as well as our international status and links with industry which gives us a competitive advantage in international technology development, says Professor Josua Meyer, Head of the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering.

The Mechanical Engineering department started in 1956 under the leadership of Prof CA du Toit.  The heads of department after him were Proff J Visser (1975-1984), Pierre Haarhoff (1985-1990), Jasper Steyn (1990-2001), with Prof Josua Meyer (2002-) being the current head of department. In the 1990s the name changed to Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering to reflect the interest of aspiring engineers to study in this exciting field. The medium of tuition, at first Afrikaans like the rest of the university, first included some English postgraduate courses, with the first separate English stream starting in 1997.

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