Prof AF (Ansie) Harding

Tel: +2712 420-2738
Fax: +2712 420-3893
Office: Mathematics Building 1-46 

Position: Professor
Academic qualifications: MSc, DSc(Pret) HNED
NRF rating: C2

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Fields of interest: Teaching; mathematical modelling
Research interests: Mathematics education; numerical mathematics

Publications over the past five years: 

Journal articles 
Harding A, Engelbrecht JC, Verwey A  Implementing Supplemental Instruction (SI) for a large group in mathematics.  International Journal for Mathematics Education in Science and Technology, 42(7)(2011), 847-856 

Padayachee P, Boshoff H, Olivier W, Harding A  A blended learning Grade 12 intervention using DVD technology to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics.  Pythagoras, 32(1)(2011), 19-26

Wood L, Mather G, Petocz P, Reid A, Engelbrecht J, Harding A, Houston K, Smith G, Perrett G  University students’ views of the role of mathematics in their future.  International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 10(1)(2012), 99-119

Harding AF, Engelbrecht JC  Navorsing oor voorgraadse wiskundeonderrig: ’n Suid-Afrikaanse perspektief.  Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif vir Natuurwetenskap en Tegnologie, 31(1)(2012), 1-7

Mofolo-Mbokane B, Engelbrecht JC, Harding A  Learning difficulties with solids of revolution: classroom observations.  International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 44(7)(2013), 1065-1080

Tsanwani AR, Engelbrecht JC, Harding A, Maree JG  Factors that Facilitate Learners’ Performance in Mathematics in Disadvantaged Communities: A Quantitative Study.  Journal of Educational Studies, 12(2)(2013), 35-55

Tsanwani A, Harding AF, Engelbrecht JC, Maree K  Perceptions of teachers and learners about factors that facilitate learners’ performance in mathematics in South Africa.  African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (AJRMSTE), 18(1)(2014), 40-51

Engelbrecht J, Harding A, Potgieter M  Evaluating the success of a science academic development programme at a research-intensive university.  African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (AJRMSTE), 18(3)(2014), 287–298

Potgieter M, Harding A, Kritzinger Q, Somo C, Engelbrecht J  Reflections of science students on their experience of an academic development programme in South Africa.  South African Journal of Higher Education, 29(1)(2015), 108-131

Harding A., Engelbrecht JC  Personal learning network clusters: A comparison between mathematics and computer science students. Educational Technology & Society, (18)(3)(2015), 173-184

Harding A, Engelbrecht J  Interventions to improve teaching and learning in first year mathematics courses.  International Journal of Mathematics Education in Science and Technology 46(7), 1046 - 1060

Wiggins HZ, Harding AF, Engelbrecht JC  Sibling curves of polynomials, Published online in Quaestiones Mathematicae at

Van der Hoff Q, Harding AF Cause-effect Analysis: Improvement of a First year Engineering Students’ Calculus Teaching Model. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology 48(1)(2017), 16-30

Wiggins HZ, Harding AF, Engelbrecht JC Sibling curves of quadratic polynomials. To appear in Quaestiones Mathematicae

Bothma K, Engelbrecht JC, Harding AF Rethinking the feedback format in formative assessment of undergraduate mathematical competencies. Far East Journal of Mathematical Education 16(2016), 347-370

Books and/or chapters in books
Padayachee P, Harding AF  Towards alleviating the post-apartheid education crisis in South Africa.  In: A Kitchenham (editor), Blended learning across disciplines: Models for implementation, Information Science Reference (IGI Global) 2011, pp 112-131, ISBN: 978-1-60960-479-0

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