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Come and enjoy the time of your life at Tuks with its excellent academic reputation and the best student life experience!  It is important that you complete your application form correctly and submit it before the closing date. Please ensure that you follow all the important steps below when you apply for studies at Tuks from 1 March in the year preceding your studies:

  1. Apply from 1 March 2017 to study at UP in 2018 at

  2. How to complete your online application form for admission to study at Tuks
    View a video tutorial on "how to complete your online application form before you start to complete your application form.

  3. What to study?
    - Click here for study information (admission requirements, faculty brochures)
    - Click here for a list of the undergraduate programmes and proposed second-choice programmes at Tuks.
  4. Closing dates
    Ensure that you are familiar with the closing dates of both your first-choice and second-choice programme. 
    - Click here for the closing dates of all undergraduate programmes at Tuks
  5. Application for residence placement
    - The UP application form permit you to apply for residence placement.
    Placement is dependent on the examination results with which you apply for studies at UP as well as provisional admittance to a programme.
    - Visit for more information on UP residences.- 

  6. Special offer for academic achievers
    The special offer to academic achievers includes guaranteed awards, placement in programmes and/or residence placement.
    - Click here for more information on the special offer.
  7. National Benchmark Test (NBT)
    The NBT is not compulsory for all programmes, but we recommend that you write the NBT.
    Click here for information on programmes in the different UP faculties.

    - Click here to visit the NBT website ( to register for the NBT at a venue of your choice.
  8. Value-added Questionnaire
    - This Questionnaire is not compulsory for all programmes.
    - Students in the Faculty of
    Health Sciences and the Faculty of Veterinary Science should complete the Value-added Questionnaire.
    - The questionnaire is available on the UP Student Portal at
    - Ensure that you complete and submit the online Value-added Questionnaire before the due date.

  9. Contract
    Once you have been provisionally admitted to a programme at the University of Pretoria, you need to accept or decline your provisional admission on the UP Student Portal at
    If you click on accept, the link to your Online Contract will become active.

    Click here for instructions on how to complete your online contract.
  10. Welcoming, orientation and registration for first-year students in 2018
    More information willl be available from December 2017.


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