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Come and enjoy the time of your life at Tuks with its excellent academic reputation and the best student life experience!  It is important that you complete your application form correctly and submit it before the closing date. Please ensure that you follow all the important steps below when you apply for studies at Tuks from 1 March in the year preceding your studies:

Please follow the following steps before you apply -


1. Study information

  • Minimum requirements for programmes
  • Career opportunities
  • Programme information
  • Faculty information
  • Fact Finder (facts A-Z).



2. Closing dates

  • Closing dates of programmes for applicants applying for admission in 2018.



3. Fees and Funding

  • Reservation fees:
    • for tuition
    • for residence placement
  • Undergraduate cost estimator
  • Financial aid:
    • bursaries
    • loans
    • awards



4. Special offer for top academic achievers

  • Prospective students with an average percentage of 75% and higher may qualify for this special offer.



5. Apply at Tuks

  • Applications open on 1 March of the year preceding studies.
  • Apply online or download an application form.

The following is required to apply:

  • a copy of your ID.
  • a copy of your Grade 11 final school report.
  • R300 application fee.



6. Change/ Add programme

  • Ensure that you meet the minimum admission requirements of the programme.
  • Please send email to to request change or addition of a programme.



7. National Benchmark Test (NBT)

  • Compulsory for selected programmes.
  • Visit the NBT website at to register for the NBT.
  • Refer to faculty brochures. See Study information (step one).
  • Health- and Veterinary Sciences applicants must write the NBT on or before 11 July 2016



8. Application status

  • UP Student Portal Login
  • Accept/Decline admission offer.
  • How to complete your online contract



9. Prepare to study at Tuks

  • The JuniorTukkie Club prepares you for studies at Tuks.
  • JuniorTukkie.



10. Registration and start of the academic year

  • New first-year students’ registration.
  • Orientation programme for first-year students.
  • Programme: Registration and Start of the Academic Year.
  • Online Registration



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