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JuniorTukkie always strives towards effective communication. Our NEW JuniorTukkie APP supports learners from Grade 9 to 12, prospective and current students, parents and staff. The APP is currently available on Apple and Android cell phones and tablets. On the JT APP you will read inspiring stories and receive important study information, view photographs and videos and read a range of relevant articles that will empower you to make responsible study and career choices. You will also receive notifications about important information on a regular basis.

The JT APP has great features! These include:

  1. 'INTERACT' - this function allows you to send article-related questions to the JT Office and you will receive a quick response.
  2. 'SHARE' - this function allows you to forward any article or news clip via WhatsApp, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc to someone you know that could benefit from it.
  3. Static or rotating 'BANNERS' added to articles and information pages on the JT APP are linked to videos, other URLs or to the websites of our sponsors and partners to provide even more information.
  4. Supporting DOCUMENTS are uploaded to articles so as to provide in-depth information.
  5. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS will be sent to users as a reminder of important dates or to draw users’ attention to important information that are recently published on the JT APP.

Scan the QR code below to download the JT APP or follow the download instructions below the QR code:


  1. Select the Apple App Store or Google Play Store from your APP menu
  2. Search for 'juniortukkie'.
  3. Click on the JuniorTukkie logo.
  4. Click on 'INSTALL'.
  5. Click on 'ACCEPT'.
  6. Click on 'OPEN'.
  7. Click on 'REGISTER'.
  8. Enter your details and click on 'REGISTER'.
  9. A verification code will be emailed to you from smartonline@eai.co.za. Please note that the verirfication code will soon be replaced with a verification email.
  10. Enter the verification code and 'SUBMIT'. Ignore this step if you received an email where you had to confirm your email address.
  11. The JuniorTukkie shortcut (JT logo) will be added to cell phone your home screen.

For detailed download instructions, please click here 



Any enquiries may be forwarded to martie.kilian@up.ac.za.




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