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Research Focus Areas


1.     Knowledge Management (KM)



Special interests

  Policy and Strategy

 -  Theories and models of strategy
 -  Strategies and policies for various environments
 -  Measurement

  Tools and Techniques

 -  Audits

 -  Communities of Practice

 -  Storytelling

 -   Intranets and portals

 -  Expert locators

 -  Knowledge maps

  Organisational Culture and Leadership

 -  Creating a conducive environment and culture for KM

 -  Organisational learning

 -  Knowled ge sharing

 -  Impact of corporate culture

 -  Leadership and governance

  Knowledge Infrastructures

 -  Physical infrastructure

 -  ICT for KM

 -  Human resources

 -  Intellectual capital

 -  Indigenous knowledge

  Knowledge Systems

 -  Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS)

 -  Other knowledge systems

  Competitive and Business Intelligence (CI/BI)

 -  Establishing a CI/BI strategy for an organisation in order to         gain a competitive edge in the market

 -  Investigating the benefits of the implementation of CI/BI             within a specific business sector

 -  The effective implementation of CI/BI tools    in organisations      to improve or sustain competitiveness

  Teaching, Theory and Practice

 -  Curriculum development

 -  Experiential learning

 -  Teaching methodologies



2.     Information Processes



Special Interests

  Information Organisation & Representation

 -  Metadata schemas

 -  Taxonomies, ontologies, topic maps and folksonomies

 -  Abstracting, indexing and thesaurus construction

  Information Dissemination & Use

 -  Current awareness services and alerting services

 -  Push technologies

 -  Informal electronic communication, including social media

 -  User studies

 -  Information literacy

 -  Personal information management (PIM)

  Information Behaviour, Seeking and Searching

 -  Models and theories

 -  Information behaviour in context (including collaborative             information retrieval and affect and emotion in information         behaviour)

  Information Retrieval (IR)

 -  Information retrieval system design and evaluation

 -  Cross-language information retrieval

 -  Relevance studies

 -  Web information retrieval

  Information Architecture

 -  Structuring information

 -  Web and multimedia design, development and software

 -  Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

 -  Game theory and gamification

  Digitisation and Curation

 -  Digital libraries

 -  Digitisation and curation technologies (including archiving)

 -  Policies and procedures

  Teaching, Theory and Practice

 -  Curriculum development

 -  Experiential learning

 -  Teaching methodologies


3.     Meta-context of Information



Special Interests

  Information Ethics

 -  Social media and information ethics

 -  Privacy (moral values, protection of private information,      management of private information, surveillance, trust, information security)

 -  Access (accessibility, gender issues)

 -  Intercultural information ethics (information ethics in Africa)

 -  Information ethics and Governance (social justice, information ethics and power, information ethics and politics, e-democracy/e-government)

 -  Emerging trends and technologies (e-waste, information and cyber warfare)

  Legal Issues

 -  Intellectual property rights (including fair use, copyright)

 -  Open access

 -  Freedom of access to information and freedom of expression

 -  Information legislation

  Socio-cultural Issues

 -  Globalisation

 -  Information and knowledge society

 -  Digital divide

 -  Information and development

 -  Information poverty

 -  Information flows

 -  Informatisation and “information consumption”

  Economic and Political Issues

 -  Information economy

 -  Information politics

 -  Pricing of information (fee vs. free)

  Information Communication

 -  Accessibility of information content

 -  Content repackaging

  Teaching, Theory and Practice

 -  Curriculum development

 -  Experiential learning

 - Teaching methodologies



4.     Book and Publishing Studies



Special Interests


 -  Multilingual and local language writing

 -  Translation practices

 -  Profiles of South African writers

  Current publishing practice

 -  Publishing list analysis and bibliographic studies

 -  Editorial policy, practice and issues for print media products

 -  Ownership and business profile analysis

 -  Product and cost analysis

 -  Regulation, censorship and national policies

  Digital and e-publishing

 -  E-publishing formats

 -  E-publishing technologies and processes

 -  Publishing in multiple formats and media from single sources

 -  Enhanced e-books

 -  The impact of digital publishing

  Book and print history

 -  Histories of publishers, printers, booksellers and related industries

 -  History and development of practices of reading

 -  History of orality, performance and print cultures

  Dissemination and reception

 -  Access to print media products

 -  Distribution networks and bookselling practices

 -  Marketing and markets

 -  Audience research

 -  Reception and readership studies

 -  Reading promotion campaigns, including issues of literacy

  Teaching, Theory and Practice

 -  Curriculum development

 -  Teaching methodologies

 -  Experiential learning and vocational training for the publishing industry


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