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Kidsteam-SA Design Team


The Kidsteam-SA is based on the Kidsteam at the University of Maryland, USA. It is a design team consisting of children who assist us in our design work. The team is coordinated by Professor Helene Gelderblom who spent six months working with the University of Maryland Kidsteam during a Fulbright visiting scholarship. There she learnt to apply the cooperative inquiry technique of designing with young children.


Children are natural designers and are excellent partners on any design project. The reasons why they co-design so well include:

  • They love coming up with ideas and are much less concerned with sounding stupid than adults generally are.
  • They are very generous in sharing there ideas.
  • They can come up with a complete prototype of a complicated artifact within a very short period of time.

Although the technologies designed in collaboration with the Kidsteam children are mostly educational or entertainment applications aimed at child users, the Kidsteam can also be used by corporate clients for idea generation during the design of innovative business and technology solutions.

For more information on the Kidsteam-SA, contact [email protected].





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