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Partnerships and Collaboration

A word of thanks to Stanadard Bank - our primary sponsor that has supported the Department of Informatics the last few years

"Standard Bank is a global leader in information technology, especially with regards to banking. The environment is thoroughly first world and highly innovative and an excellent one in which to develop and progress one's IT career," says Neil Harper, former Standard Bank's director.

"A variety of IT skills are used in the organisation and we continually look for candidates to help plan and build a bank of the future as well as run the existing bank, which will undoubtedly pose some interesting and exciting challenges."

Standard Bank is one of South Africa's leading employers of IT professionals with around 2 300 permanent staff involved in an across-the-board range of IT functions and activities that provide the backbone for the bank's services to customers and its ongoing reputation as one of Africa's leading financial services companies.

Potential candidates can go to Standard Bank's website, About Us and the Careers section for more information.

Standard Bank Group IT surveyed a number of universities towards the end of 2005 with a view to providing funding to select universities in return for having access to students in lieu of staff recruitment. The Department was successful in its proposal and the negotiations culminated in funding for five years.

This development is seen as a significant opportunity for Standard Bank Group IT to act as guest lecturers, but also for lecturers to obtain first-hand, real-world experience of the application of IT to strengthen their teaching and provide research opportunities.

This source of funds is intended to be used for research.


The following companies play a role in supporting our students through sponsorships, prices at price givings, sponsorships at special days and being involved in the Advisory Board.

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