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hpc Sponsored Athletes

The hpc and TuksSport annualy identify athletes who we believe are capable of doing the Country proud on the podiums around the world in their respective disciplines.

We are committed to throw all our resources and efforts behind these athletes to ensure that these young sportsmen and women will be given every opportunity to perform at the highest level and to do the University of Pretoria, the hpc and the Country proud.

A number of these athletes were also on the Road to London and beyond programme and we believe that their time in the sun is just around the corner.

The hpc is proud to say that these athletes choose to base themselves at the University of Pretoria’s hpc and actively make use of the sportscience support provided to them and their coaches on a daily basis. 


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22 September 2017
#TuksRowing: McCann set to continue being a trailblazer for SA rowing at World Champs
It won't be wrong to say that Kirsten McCann has been the trailblazer in South African women's rowing, proving that nothing is impossible once you put your mind to it.
20 September 2017
#TuksRowing: SA men’s fours could surprise at the World Rowing Championships
South Africa's men's four crew has a realistic chance to medal at the World Rowing Championships which start on Sunday in Sarasota, Florida.