Postgraduate research opportunities at UP

Research at the University of Pretoria encompasses a broad range of disciplines across nine faculties and one business school, which house over 80 research institutes, centres and units. The University’s major research strengths are in the areas of agricultural and biological sciences, medicine, engineering, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, plant and animal sciences, environmental sciences, earth and planetary sciences, computer sciences and several disciplines and multidisciplinary areas in the humanities and social sciences. In recognition of these strengths, and in keeping with international research trends, the University has established institutional and faculty research themes with some now having become established as research institutes. Research themes, institutes and centres seek to foster a multidisciplinary focus in addressing global research challenges, while capitalising on existing areas of excellence at the University. The prestigious South African Research Chairs Initiative (SARChI) also provides excellent opportunities for students to work in their areas of interest and to be mentored by academics who are at the forefront of their fields of research. UP is also known for its excellent links with industry and hosts a number of industry-sponsored chairs.


Faculties’ Research Overview link to the research pages on each faculty’s web site: 

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