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Summary of various levies



Summary of various levies 2017

Summary of various levies 2016 Archive

Description Amount payable When to pay


Application fee for 2017


With submission of application for studies.

•  Non-refundable

Registration fee

International students please see the initial payments


Payable at least 5 days before registration.

  • See important information
  • Payable prior to registration
  • Payable as initial payment of annual tuition fee for every year that the student registers
  • This levy is fully refundable if paid and the student does not register. Please then request a refund at the cashiers.

International levy

Applicable to various visa types, in addition to the registration fee.

See tuition fees factors


Payable at least 5 days before registration.




•  This levy is fully refundable if the student does not register.


Tuition fees


See tables on

tuition fees

Student account is payable:

•  Half (50%) before 30 April.

•  Full (100%) before 31 July.

•  Fees are payable in advance.  It is however permissible to pay fees in three instalments.

•  Accounts are available on the UP Portal (“Student Centre”)


Amount payable

When to pay


Discount for early payment


A discount of 2.5% is granted if the student account is paid in full (100%) by 30 April.

•  Discount on own payments only

•  UP bursaries and waivers excluded.

•  Refer to tuition fee factors.

Family rebate

from 2016

R2 500 max per student for 2 or more students

Apply in writing at CSC before 30 March

•  Only applicable to tuition fees.

•  If account is less than R2500, then only account amount is rebated.

•  Students must apply annually.

•  Refer to tuition fee factors.

Fees paid by bursaries

Ensure that you are aware of the conditions and value of your bursary as bursaries may or may not cover the full cost of your study expenses.

External companies or other institutions that sponsor students with bursaries need to make the required payments to students’ accounts by the same due dates as if the students were paying the accounts themselves.

•  Students must submit written proof from the sponsor of the bursary awarded to them prior to registration, otherwise the registration fee will be payable by the student.

•  The final decision regarding the acceptability of a bursary letter rests with the university.

•  Students remain responsible for their student accounts if their bursary sponsor does not pay their account.

Credit balances

Amounts in credit on your account.

Depends on the source of the credit balance.

•  Requests for refunds must be done in writing at the Student Service Centre (SSC).

•  The refunds application form is available at the SSC or

Other living costs

Not included on account

For example, books, food, travel, stationery, printing, internet and photocopies.

Students should manage these costs themselves or with their sponsors

Cancellation fees

Total discontinuation of studies and discontinuation of a module.

See Discountinuation table for dates that affect fees still payable.

Determined by the official date on which the University was notified in writing of discontinuation.

In cases where cancellation is due to the hospitalisation or death of a student, cancellation fees may be waived if sufficient proof is provided.

Special Examination fees






Payment with the rest of the student account

•  Special exams

•  Remark/verify result of exam

•  Off-campus (RSA)

•  Off-campus (International)

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