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UP Faculty of Theology strengthens bilateral relations with St Paul University
17 July 2017

On 12 July 2017, Dr Zoro Dube of the Department New Testament Studies visited St Pauls University, Kenya to strengthen bilateral relations between the two faculties of theology, made possible by the good work done by the Network for African Congregational Theology (NetAct).

The organisation work to improve theological education in various theological colleges and seminaries through providing various competencies – books, training of librarians and facilitating academic training of staff. An important milestone is the creation of a portal that contains digitalised books and articles which will be accessible to all members, thus circumventing the challenge of buying books and subscribing to expensive journals. So far more than 43 theological colleges in Africa are affiliated, with many others seeking affiliation to the prestigious organisation.

Dube met the Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs), Prof Charity Irungu and the Dean of Theology, Prof Diphus Chemorion. During the meetings, several agreements were revisited, among them being the need to strengthen bilateral agreement through staff and student exchange, use of faculty from both universities in external examination of masters and doctoral theses, and use of faculty as guest speakers in seminars and conferences. Common issues affecting both contexts such as immigration, growing urban population, xenophobia, ecology and others were identified as area of research collaboration. The motto that came from the meeting is doing theology in context. Going forward, the institutions shall exchange list of faculty and their specialisation to strengthen collaboration. 

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