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TuksLaw lecturer selected as Intercontinental Academia (ICA) fellow
9 October 2017

The Faculty of Law at the University of Pretoria is proud to announce that one of its lecturers, Dr Willem Gravett in the Department of Procedural Law, has been selected to participate as one of 17 fellows in in Intercontinental Academia (ICA):  Laws:  Rigidity and Dynamics. 

Fellows of ICA are regarded as the leaders of tomorrow.  The UBIAS-programme Intercontinental Academia is an exciting opportunity for young researchers from all over the world to engage with topics of fundamental relevance.

The ICA seeks to create a global network of future research leaders by constructing an arena in which the very best early/mid-career scholars will work together on paradigm-shifting cross-disciplinary research, mentored by some of the most eminent researchers from across the globe. A key aspect is deriving the full benefit of the intercontinental origins of the endeavour and diversity of thought and culture. This immersive and intense experience is expected to transform the scholar's own approach to research, enhance their awareness of the work, relevance and potential impact of other disciplines, and to inspire and facilitate new collaborations between distant disciplines.  The aim of ICA is to create a real, yet volatile, intellectual cocktail that leads to meaningful outputs.

The partners of this fellowship are:

- Author Elzet Hurter
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