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Access to Care

Humanities Faculty Research Theme

The access to care FRT broadly refers to issues of and related to access to care for individuals or population groups defined by issues of geography, language, ethnicity or disability. It includes concepts such as equitable, just, and sustainable access to health, social, psychosocial, and community care especially for the most vulnerable.

The access to care FRT offers a spectrum of areas at which numerous disciplines intersect. It encompasses issues and questions related to concepts such as human rights, political ideology, policy, discrimination, inequity, and barriers to care. The FRT also has an important applied focus on improving, facilitating and monitoring access to care in the various applied social and health sciences. Therefore natural links exist with other faculties such as health sciences and engineering, built environment and IT.


Project leader: Professor De Wet Swanepoel, Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Distinguished scholar: Dr. Cas Smith, Medical physicist-audiologist, Department of ENT/Audiology, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Master's students:

Ms Shouneez Yousuf
Ms Jessica van Tonder
Ms Estienne Havenga
Mr Mathieu van der Aerschot
Ms Martelle Bornman
Ms Ansophi Visagie
Ms Michelle van Dyk

Doctoral candidates:

Ms Jenni-Mari Potgieter

Ms Faheema Mahomed

Ms Christine Louw

Postdoctoral Fellow:

Dr Marianne van Zyl



- Author C. Garnas
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