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Course options, contact details and registration

In order to meet the different needs of different departments and students we have made more options available.




There are broadly 3 groups of students:

1) Clinical and Public Health orientated students (CL/PH)

2) Laboratory based disciplines/medical anthropology (L)

3) Those doing Qualitative Research (e.g. focus groups, in depth interviews) (Q)

PLEASE make sure you identify which group you belong to on the REGISTRATION FORM and note that the focus of the various TNM 800 courses varies so ensure that you attend the course that is most appropriate for your needs.

PLEASE NOTE that you have to register at least 3 months in advance for a specific TNM 800 course  by e-mailing or phoning the contact person noted under each course but you do not need to register for any of the seminars.

For the specific dates, registration and contact details please click here




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