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Language Policy

The language policy of the Faculty of Health Sciences has been formulated against the background of the mission of the University of Pretoria, namely to be the University of choice for everyone. Therefore, language should not be a barrier while acquiring a qualification. Although the University trains students within the South African context, students should also be able to compete internationally.

Consequently, the language policy is flexible to accommodate students in Afrikaans as well as English. The use of English for all auditorium-type lectures to large groups of students has been established. All necessary support is offered to Afrikaans-speaking students as far as this is practical. Small group lectures, discussions and tutorials are presented in either Afrikaans or English, according to the language of preference of the group of students, provided that the lecturer has a command of the specific language.

Printed documentation is provided in both above-mentioned languages, and text books are also available in Afrikaans and/or only English. Students may communicate with lecturers and staff members in writing as well as orally, in English and/or Afrikaans. Students may write tests and examinations in the language of their choice (Afrikaans or English).


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