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Partnerships and Collaborations

The Faculty conducts and strengthens research in several areas of global interest. Building international research partnerships is indeed a central feature of our research strategy. Staff members are encouraged and financially supported to present at high level international congresses where they have the opportunity to network and build research collaborations. 

Active research exchange programmes are encouraged and more staff members are spending time at highly ranked academic institutions with the aim of collaboration, learning techniques and doing analyses.  New partnerships include institutions in The Netherlands, UK, and Nordic countries. In addition to the official MOU and MOAs the Faculty is creating more international links. The high number of consortium/group publications is also an example of the Faculty growing in the international space.

Some of our staff members serve on the executive committees of a number of international professional associations and serve on various global and World Health Organisation (WHO) expert committees. Our Faculty has been invited to represent South Africa on the Global Research Coalition (GWRC) and will be a partner in developing new bio-assay for thyroid function.  This work on endocrine disruptor chemical exposure is supported and now being funded by the WRC.

The number of international postgraduate students in the Faculty is growing. Several of the Medical Special registrations towards Master’s (MMeds) and Doctorates are international students. This is not community engagement


Examples of International partnerships


University (or other partner)



Geneva and Bordeaux

Gene therapy and stem cell-based approach to develop a therapy for HIV-positive patients in which the immune system is rendered resistant to HIV

Medical virology


Environmental monitoring for polioviruses

Nestle, Switzerland

Analysis of raw materials for selected enteric viruses

Nuclear medicine

NECSA, NTP, North West

National pre-clinical imaging facility

Ghent, Leuven, Cambridge

Molecular imaging on TB and HIV with the intention of developing novel radiopharmaceuticals


Radio-immuno-therapy in HIV



Radionuclide therapy in neuro-endocrine tumours, liver cancer


Western Australia

Rhinovirus type C identification in infants with bronchiolitis

North West, Nijmegen

Collaboration on mitochondrial diseases 

NICH Human Development, Yale Ankara Mumbai Rosario

Multi-centre study on infant bronchiolitis

Yale, Serithi MRC Project

Outcome of HIV-exposed uninfected children

KwaZulu-Natal, Stanford

HIV drug resistance in children


HIV drug resistance due to PMTCT interventions


Viral bronchiolitis, viral identification & patient characterisation 



The genetic basis of Schizophrenia in an Afrikaner population 

Texas, Oxford

Psychiatry ethics


Massey with IFNuW,

Various nutrition studies


Harvard SPH, Fort Hare

SA Executive Leadership in Health Programme

Forensic Anthropology


Fractures and bone trauma

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