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You have a few options for participating in research.

Continuing Research for a Completed Protocol

The purpose of a Special Study Module (“SSM” but traditionally referred to as an “SMO”) in the undergraduate curriculum at the University of Pretoria is to provide students with a deeper exposure to an important topic relating to Block content. During their second year of study, medical students are first exposed to research principles and have in previous years completed a health research project in SMO 211 during their “People and their environment” Block. "
For the past two years, students in groups were supported to develop and present a protocol based either on a problem, topic or research question from a variety of departments in the Faculty of Health as well as clinicians
in surrounding healthcare facilities. This module has supported the exposure of second year medical students to basic research principles with application to a real-life topic that will enable their development of a protocol and presentation skills. With the support of an identified supervisor, students are encouraged to continue with the remaining research steps.
Thus far, several individual students as well as groups have adapted and continued with the research process.
If you are interested in one of the protocol topics that are listed, you will need to contact [email protected] and complete documentation that will acknowledge the contribution of the students and supervisor in future outputs.

See what is happening at the Faculty

Research is a big part of the Faculty. Here is a list of projects that have been completed; is currently in progress or is planned. We also have research participation opportunities in the following fields:


Paediatric Nephrology

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Internal Medicine

Sports Medicine



Paediatric Oncology

Family Medicine

Palliative Care Network

Anatomical Pathology

Chemical Pathology

Forensic Medicine




Public Health Medicine

Contact [email protected] to discuss getting involved in existing projects to gain experience.


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