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-Zora Neale Hurston


Road to Research 

Protocol vs Proposal

  • Do not confuse a research proposal with a research protocol. A proposal is meant to persuade your instructor, peers, or a grant-making committee, while a research protocol is meant to detail a study's methodology to meet specified ethical norms for animal and human subjects.
  • If you want more information on what a protocol is click here

  • Find Research Protocol guidlines here.

Library Research Support    

Research Books  

  • The library has a large variety of research books that can assist you in understanding different types of research methods. You can search the library page here. You can search under everything by using keywords such as “Research Proposal” or “qualitative research”.  You will be able to read eBooks online and Print books which you can acquire from the library.


  • Why is referencing so important? 
  • Good referencing is a key part of presenting your work, acknowledge original author, show your source materials, and provides sufficient detail.  For more information on how to reference click here

Literature Review

  • A literature review an examination of the existing research publications on the topic area of a new study, to discuss their theorizing, research designs, data collection methods, findings, strengths, limitations and contexts as relevant to the new study. This often includes the researcher’s own views, observations and alternative explanations to the findings as to what other factors may have given rise to those findings.

    To read more on literature review click here

Library databases 

  • Library Databases are a large collection of electronic information that allows you to search using your research topic to access articles. Articles are used when a user is writing their literature review. There are 37 Databases that can be used in the Health Sciences Faculty to search for information. Please contact your Information Specialist to assist you with selecting and using the right database for your research. Library Databases are accessible on and off campus 24/7 by using your portal username and password. Find the databases here.

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