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Research output — measured in terms of units calculated on the basis of approved publications in the form of articles in accredited journals, patents and books for the subject specialist — generates subsidy to the University.  The method provides incentives for institutions to become effcient by subsidising the outputs of research and teaching.  It achieves this by setting norms for research outputs per member of permanent academic staff and norms for graduation rates.  It is a mechanism that divides a given amount and not a formula that determines the funding need for higher education.  As a general rule, research output emanating from commissioned or contract research will not be subsidised.

Research output is defined as textual output where research is understood as original, systematic investigation undertaken in order to gain new knowledge and understanding.  Peer evaluation of the research is a fundamental prrerequisite of all recognised output and is the mechanism of ensuring and thus enhancing quality.  The subsidy for research output is also influenced by the affiliation of the authors;  it is therefore imperative to indicate affiliation on the publication.

For complete information please consult the Research Outputs Policy 2015

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Suna Redelinghuys (Research Output Coordinator)
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