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Faculty of Education Ethics Committee

Responsible and ethical research

All research projects in the Faculty of Education are subject to prior approval and clearance from the Research Ethics Committee which implements the University of Pretoria’s regulations for responsible and ethical research. All researchers (staff and students) of the University of Pretoria have to familiarise themselves with the Ethics committee’s guidelines which are available on this website.

Documents needed in the application process:

       Helsinki signature

      Application example 

     Research Guidelines

     Declaration of Helsinki Fortaleza

     Fact Finder

    Rules and regulations 

   Ethical guidelines for researchers

   Plagiarism prevention 

  Research guidelines for minor children 

 Ethics steps 1,2,3

University of Pretoria code

For more information, please contact:

Dr Ugorji Ogbonnaya

+27 12 420 8751

Department: Department of Science, Maths and Technology Education

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