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Prof Chika Sehoole

Dean: Faculty of Education

Prof Sehoole is a NRF-rated scientist and maintains a number of active research collaborations nationally and internationally. He has a BA degree in Pedagogics and a Bachelor of Education degree, as well as a master's and PhD in Education.
Prof Sehoole's academic career at the University of Pretoria started in 2001. He has also held various chief directorships at the National Department of Education.
He has published extensively in the field of higher education and is the author or co-authored of a number of published peer-reviewed policy briefs, chapters in scholarly volumes and articles in accredited journals in his fields of research specialisation.
Prof Sehoole has served on a task team of the Council on Higher Education and has participated in a research initiative of the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). He has also been involved in various outreach projects.


Prof Max Braun

Deputy Dean: Faculty of Education

Prof Max Braun was Head of Department of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, in the Faculty of Education at the University of Pretoria, since 2009. Formerly, he was a Professor in the Department of Physics in UP’s School of Physical Sciences, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences. He began his academic career as junior lecturer in Applied Mathematics at Unisa in 1972.

Prof Braun holds an MSc and DSc in Physics, and an MSc in Engineering Management: Technology Management. He was a member of the writing team of the AARP Mathematics Comprehension placement test from 1997 until 2007 and contributed to the writing of the AARP Mathematics Achievement Test from 2000 until 2007 as well as a member of the development team for the experimental AARP-Medical Consortium Scientific Skills test 2003-2008.

From 1993 onwards, Prof Braun was given the tasks of developing, initiating and directing special projects in the Science and Natural and Agricultural Science faculties, including the Physics component of Project Renaissance, the Extended Programme which spanned both the Science Faculty and the Faculty of Biological and Agricultural Sciences, undergraduate (BSecEd) and post-graduate programmes in teacher education and training, and the Centre for Science Education. In 2006-2007 he led the planning for the introduction of the current Four-year BSc programme.

He has been a Visiting Professor in the USA, Norway and Japan.

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Prof Jan Nieuwenhuis

Head: Department of Humanities Education

Prof Frederik (Jan) Nieuwenhuis is acting Head of Department: Humanities Education. He has been involved with educational research since 1979 and the research covers a broad range of educational topics. He has done research for the Canada South Africa Teachers Development programme in 2005 and was consultant to the UNESCO Expert Consultative Group on the Definition of Basic Education (2008) and is currently consultant to the Council of Higher Education. In 2010 he was awarded the Senior Research Medal Extraordinaire of the Education Association of South Africa. He is a C3 rated researcher with the NRF.


Prof Salome Human-Vogel

Acting Head: Department of Educational Psychology

Prof Salomé Human-Vogel was appointed as acting HOD in the Department of Educational Psychology from 1 January 2017. Salomé is a registered educational psychologist with 18 years’ of experience in psychological practice. She has supervised the training of numerous Masters students in Educational Psychology, as well as intern-psychologists, and her teaching interests focus on family-oriented intervention and the use of equine-assisted interventions in a community context.

She is also an NRF rated researcher whose research interests focus on how people form and maintain long-term commitments in various areas of their lives. She has been involved extensively in teaching modules at all undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Educational Psychology, and has also developed many postgraduate modules (Honours and Masters) in Educational psychology. Salomé received an ‘Education Innovation Award’ in 2010 for the integration of community engagement with postgraduate teaching and clinical practice in the MEd (Educational Psychology) program. Salomé regularly publishes her work in accredited peer-reviewed journals both nationally and internationally, and she regularly presents her work at national and international conferences.












Prof Ina Joubert

Head: Department of Early Childhood Education

Prof Ina Joubert is a member of the World Education Research Association and serves on the management committee of the South African Research Association of Early Childhood Education (SARAECE). She has been a school principal, a lecturer and senior lecturer in distance education, an associate professor and now the head of the Department of Early Childhood Education.

She received an award for the best PhD presentation (2006) at the Faculty of Education, Research Indaba. She has also received two Deans Awards (2010) as well as two Teaching Innovation Awards (2006 & 2010).

She specialises in democratic citizenship education and language education of the young child. She has published articles on her research in these fields in accredited national and international journals. She has published a total of 12 books and also numerous chapters in these fields. In addition she has published scholarly, research-based books on children’s experiences of their citizenship in democratic South Africa and assessment practices at higher education institutions.

Prof Joubert has mentored 17 postgraduate students to the completion of their studies over the past 10 years, in the fields of democratic citizenship education and language education in the Foundation Phase. Some of these students who completed their degrees under her supervision, have excelled in their careers.


Prof Gerrit Stols

Head: Department of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education

Prof Gerrit Stols is the Head of the Science, Mathematics and Technology Education. He was appointed on 1 January 2016. Prof Stols, who received his professorate on 1 January 2014, enjoys international recognition for his work in Mathematics Education and has received a C2 rating from the National Research Foundation (NRF). He has supervised more than a dozen postgraduate research studies to completion and has obtained numerous grants for his research on the use of technology in Mathematics education.  

He has generated more than 24 articles and book chapters in highly regarded publications in his field. His research is aimed at bridging the gap between research and practice, and involves a systematic enquiry into the conditions under which mathematics teachers use technology for instruction. Prof Stols has conducted a comprehensive literature study in order to understand the factors that influence the decision by mathematics teachers to use technology in the classroom, and presented has his findings at conferences. His research has directly benefited teachers in South Africa, Japan and the United States of America.

He has lectured on his work in the field of mathematics, and specifically geometry, on several continents and has been invited to the Universities of Alberta and Georgia, the Northeast Normal University, Naruto University, Fordham University and the University of Utrecht. He is currently on a Fulbright scholarship at the University of Great Falls, Montana, in the USA.

Prof Stols’s appointment as Head of Department will not only lay the foundation for the Department of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education to increase its role as a national leading department in education in these fields, but will also increase opportunities for international study for researchers and students in the Department.


Prof Everard Weber

Head: Department of Education Management and Policy Studies

Prof Everard Weber has been appointed as the Acting Head of Department since 1 June 2016. He is a leading scholar in the field of Education Policy in both South African and international contexts. He has Masters and Doctoral degrees in Education from the Harvard University, an MPhil and Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in African Studies from the University of Cape Town, and a BA in Xhosa and Sotho from UCT. He has been a full professor at the University of Pretoria (since 2012) and at UJ from 2011 until joining UP.
Prior to that he was Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor at UP, a researcher at Wits Education Policy Unit, and a consultant to US AID. He was a Researcher at Harvard University for five years, and has 17 years of teaching experience at the Crestway and John Ramsay High Schools in the Western Cape.
Prof Weber has developed and presented many undergraduate and postgraduate modules at UP, Harvard, UWC, and UCT. He directed the Centre for Education Rights and Transformation at the University of Johannesburg from 2009 to 2011. This is excellent background for his current responsibility as a member of the Curriculum Transformation work stream of the University of Pretoria.
Nine Master’s and PhD students have completed under his supervision or co-supervision and Prof Weber currently supervises 6 students. Research outputs include 2 scholarly books as editor and author, 18 accredited articles, multiple conference presentations and he has a large number of reports, workshops and short courses to his name. He is s reviewer for 10 scholarly journals.


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