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Research by masters and doctorate students

Ms Evelyn Thsehla

PhD Candidate

Research interests: Health economics, computable general equilibrium modelling, macroeconomics

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Mr Henry Mushayi

PhD Student: Department of Economics

Research Interests: Economic Growth and Development; Macroeconomics

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Mr Prudence Stephen Moyo 

PhD Economics Candidate

Research Interests: Monetary policy and fiscal policy interdependence, econometrics and macromodeling of developing and emerging countries
Working Papers:
Impact of Exchange Rate Uncertainty on Exports in South Africa
Goodness C. Aye, Rangan Gupta, Prudence S. Moyo and Nehrunaman Pillay (University of Pretoria, Department of Economics)

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Mr Bonginkosi Mamba

Research Interests: Growth and Development Economics, International Trade and Macroeconomics
Working Papers:
· Oil Price Uncertainty and Manufacturing Production. Authors: Goodness C. Aye; Vincent Dadam; Rangan Gupta; Bonginkosi Mamba
· Asymmetric Information in private health care insurance market: The case of South Africa. Authors: Bonginkosi Mamba; Dumisani Hompashe.

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Ms Kirsten Thompson

Research interests: Economic researcher specialising in econometric modelling, specifically macroeconomic forecasting and scenario impact analyses, and with significant experience in project management and coordination, economic profiling, data analysis and policy design. Research interests include macroeconometric modelling; financial conditions; policy design and forecasting. PhD Thesis is entitled “Essays on the financial conditions index for South Africa”, and the objective of this study is to construct a financial conditions index (FCI) for the South African economy. Will also evaluate whether the resulting FCI can act as an ‘early warning system’. This in turn may indicate whether monetary policy should take broader financial conditions into account..


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Ms Nonophile Nkambule

Research interests: Environmental economics, resource economics, energy economics, system dynamics modelling.

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Ms Beatrice D. Simo-Kengne

Postdoctoral Fellow: Department of Economics

Research interest: Housing Economics, International Trade, Energy Economics, Macroeconometrics

Publication in accredited in journals
Working papers

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Ms Carolyn Chisadza

Phd student: Department of Economics

Research interests: Economic growth and development, political economy, macroeconomics

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Mr Phumelela Wiseman Dlamini

PhD: Department of Economics

Research Interest:
Economic growth and development

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Mr Charl Jooste

Research interests:
Fiscal policy:  The macroeconomic effects of government spending
Optimal income taxation
Monetary policy:   Exchange rate pass-through
Inflation expectations

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Mr Lardo Stander

Research Interests: Political economy, monetary policy, dynamic general equilibrium models, informal economy, social status, socio-political instability, poverty and income distribution, economic impact assessment of capital expenditure, process management and improvement, investments and savings.

Published Papers:
de Bruyn, R., Gupta, R. and Stander, L. 2013. Testing the monetary model for exchange rate determination in South Africa: Evidence from 101 years of data. Contemporary Economics, 7(1):19-32, Vizja Press & IT, 01-029 Warszawa.

Bittencourt, M., Gupta, R. and Stander, L. 2014. Tax evasion, financial development and inflation: Theory and empirical evidence.  Journal of Banking and Finance, In Press.

Working Papers:
Gupta, R. and Stander, L. 2013. Social Status, Inflation and Endogenous Growth in a Cash-in-Advance Economy: Reconsideration. Working Paper 2013-36, University of Pretoria, Department of Economics, South Africa. – Submitted.

Endogenous Fluctuations in Endogenous Growth Models. In Progress. With Rangan Gupta.

Socio-Political Instability and Growth Dynamics. In Progress. With Manoel Bittencourt and Rangan Gupta.

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Ms Naomi Tlotlego
PhD: Department of Economics

Research interests:
Africa, Equity and Efficiency, Health Financing, Health and Health Care.

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Mr Mulatu Fekadu Zerihun

PhD Department of Economics

Research Interests: Regional economic integration, exchange rate dynamics and policy, and macroeconomic policy.

PhD Thesis Title:
Essays on the proposed monetary integration in the Southern African Development Community
(Supervised by Prof Marthinus C. Breitenbach and Dr Francis Kemegue)

MSc (Economics), Addis Ababa University(2005)
Collaborative Masters (Environmental Economics), University of Pretoria(2004)
BA (Economics) , Ethiopian Civil Service University (2003)



Ms Nondumiso Khumalo

Research interests:  Behavioural economies, macroeconomics analysis and health economics. Within health economics, the specific interest in understanding resource allocation within the context of competing priorities, equity, efficiency, sustainability and affordability. Within this background, macro-economic analysis provides some performance understanding of the public and private health care markets. Lastly behavioural economics is amongst other things enables an in-depth understanding of supply and demand side factors influencing patient’s health seeking behaviour.

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