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Forms / Request to change information

  1. Application to enrol concurrently for two Academic Programmes/Plans
  2. Application for Concurrent Enrolment at two Universities
  3. Application for a Remark of Examination scripts
  4. Application to Change from one Faculty/Academic Program/Plan to another
  5. Application for Admission to Extraordinary/Aegrotat Examinations
  6. Application for Credit of Courses (Transfer Credits)
  7. Application for Exemption from attendance of Lectures/Practicals
  8. Change of Address
  9. Examination Timetable Clashes
  10. Change of Courses
  11. Application for a Special Exam in January (Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences)
  12. Memorandum of Agreement for Academic Supervision of Postgraduate Students
  13. Late submission of soft-bound copies for examiniation
  14. Payment arrangement for outstanding tuition and accommodation fees
  15. Financial arrangement – Non returning
  16. Financial arrangement for current year
  17. Application for special examination January - NAS
  18. Application for special examination January - Law
  19. Application for special examination January - Humanities
  20. Application for special examination December - Theology
  21. Application for special examination  - Education
  22. Application for special examination - EBIT
  23. Application for waiving of prerequisites - EMS

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