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Jan 24
24 Jan - 25 Jan
09:00 - 15:00
Pure Café, Upper level, Club House, Hatfield Campus, University of Pretoria

Birdlife Northern Gauteng Talk

Sci-Enza Auditorium
19:00 to 21:00
The Mabula Ground-Hornbill Project has a mandate to slow, halt and then reverse the decline of the Endangered Southern Ground- Hornbill, an ecologically-, and culturally important bird. The species is swiftly declining to Critically Endangered with only an estimated 400–500 breeding females left.

Over the past decade, members of the Mabula Ground-Hornbill Project developed a number of successful conservation interventions, but have now reached a stage where they must expand their work in order to make a difference at the population scale. Their work is both multidisciplinary and multi-pronged as this swiftly declining species requires more than one intervention in order to be effective.

Come and listen how Lucy expands on this.

Contact: Wanda Lourens, 083 632 3846 / 012 348 2332