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Where are the Women Architects?*
10 October 2017


The Department of Architecture at the University of Pretoria's open lecture on 18 October 2017 is entitled Where are the Women Architects?*.   The theme is opened with an introduction from the SACAP Women in Architecture in South Africa (WiASA) group, followed by three short talks by different speakers and is concerned with women in architectural practice.
*With apologies to Despina Stratigakos


Catherine Karusseit recounts the story of Shelagh Nation, one of the first women graduates at the Department of Architecture at the University of Pretoria.  Karen Botes and Shalini of Interdesign Landscape Architects and finally, Tanzeem Razak of Lemon Pebble Architects Johannesburg share their experiences from practice.
- Author Catherine Karusseit
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