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Ceri Z. Ashley

Outline biography:

I did my PhD at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL (2001-2005). Since then I have held postdoctoral research positions at UCLA (Cotsen Visiting Scholar 2006-7) and UCL (British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, 2007-10), and have been a Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at UP since 2011.

Research interests:

Broadly my research focuses on material culture, with a specific focus on ceramics. This includes collaborations with material science specialists on technology, as well as research on material engagements within and between hunter-gatherer ceramic producers and early farming communities in eastern Africa, and the material discourses of missionaries in nineteenth century Botswana. I have directed archaeological research in Kenya, Uganda, Botswana and South Africa.

Research activity:

I have an ongoing research project co-directed with my colleague, Dr Alexander Antonites, on Mapungubwe hinterland communities in the Limpopo Valley (NRF CSUR grant, 2014-2016). From 2016 onwards, we have also begun a new programme of research (NRF African Origins Platform to Dr Antonites) on so-called ‘commoner’ communities in the greater Mapungubwe landscape


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I teach Honours courses in Advanced Archaeological Theory (AGL751) and Advanced Archaeological Methods (AGL752). For undergraduates, I have recently taught Archaeological Theory (AGL213 – AGL310 from 2017 onwards) and Field Methods and Techniques (AGL220). I also contribute guest lectures to The Archaeology of Southern Africa (AGL310 – AGL210 from 2017 onwards).

I supervise Masters and PhD students

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