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MSc and PhD Bursaries


Our deadline for bursary application submissions is the first week of February  2013. The review of applications will take about 4 weeks to complete after which we will contact you if your application has been successful. 

In accordance with guidelines set by the University of Pretoria the following documents must accompany applications:

  • CV
  • Two letters of reference
  • Full academic record (reflecting all previous studies undertaken)
  • An indication of the MSc \ PhD project that applicant would like to register for. A very short outline of the project will suffice. A very important criteria is that the project has to be in line with the research objectives of the IRT
  • A short  letter of support from post graduate  supervisor. 

All applicants must also take note that only applications of individuals that have already been accepted to a postgraduate study programme can be considered. We advise all prospective applicants to contact the research leader/s (mentor) of research groups in advance  to determine if postgraduate positions are available. Furthermore the amount of money available for bursaries is very limited and the AZD-IRT can only consider applications where no alternative form of bursary support, including UP bursary support,  is available.

Forward applications to:

Prof Henk Huismans ([email protected])

Karen Lacheiner ([email protected])



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