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Welcome to the Department of Consumer Science

The Department of Consumer Science and the Department of Food Science has merged from 1 November 2017 to become the Department of Consumer and Food Science. Read more about the new Head of the newly merged Department, Prof Elna Buys.

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The Department of Consumer Science at the University of Pretoria restructured its study programmes in 2000.

Consumer Science at the University of Pretoria, with its various specialisation courses, concerns itself with food, clothing and textile products. The use, consumption and the management of these commodities in various contexts as well as the development of new consumer products are focused on with the intention to contribute to sound business practices and the facilitation of responsible and informed consumer decision making, to satisfy the requirements of individuals, small businesses and the retail trade, depending on the specific circumstances.

The basic study of foods and nutrition, clothing and textiles, including the development of new products and the relevant technology, are inherent in the approach in natural (physical) and agricultural sciences, while all the processes relating to the economic management, use and consumption of these commodities link with economic and management sciences.

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