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Dr. Jane Olwoch

Jane Olwoch Academic qualifications:
  • PhD (Zoology), Pretoria
  • MSc (Biology), Medunsa
  • BSc (Hons)(Biology), Medunsa
  • BSc (Bot/Zoo), Makerere University
Senior Lecturer and Coordinator MA, MSc, PhD (Environment and Society Degree Program)
E-mail address:
Telephone: +27-12-4202533

Research project title
Climate change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation

[TOP]Research project summmary
My current research focus is on the Impacts of environmental change including climate change on natural and human systems. I have been involved in climate change research since 2000 when I first registered for a PhD study entitled Climate change and tick-host relationships in Africa. This topic though specific in nature dictates an interdisciplinary understanding and assessment. It necessitates the understanding of drivers of climate change, the relationship between climate variability/change and habit use and modification. Furthermore, knowledge of the current habitat requirements for different tick species is a prerequisite for assessment and understanding of future change. Since ticks use a variety of hosts to complete their life cycles, an understanding and analysis of biodiversity change under climatic and environmental change conditions was necessary. This interdisciplinary research topic exposed me to the complex but interconnected nature of the current and future environmental issues that arise not from one but multiple factors intertwined in numerous pathways of direct and indirect correlations and autocorrelations. A step of any magnitude towards assessment and understanding the complexity of environment determinants is a huge step towards sustainable environmental management. In an environment that is stressed both from human and natural causes, interdisciplinary research like this one is vital.
Currently, I am engaged in research that investigates the relationship between Environmental change and Malaria and Cholera in Limpopo Province. Together with my students we are engaged in various Climate change projects ranging from impacts of Climate change on agriculture, water resources, and pests of agriculture to adaptation.
In a spatially dynamic and vast system, the use of spatial analytical tools and methodology is vital. In my research group, we used and advocate for use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing and other spatial statistics in my research

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  1. Department of Geography, Geo-informatics & Meteorology

[TOP]Recent Presentations
Here are my most recent presentations. Please feel free to download them. Should you have trouble opening any of them please contact me for assistance.

Climate Change, Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases in Sub-Sahara Africa

[TOP]Previous Students
Here is a list of students previously under my supervision. Please feel free to download it. Should you have trouble opening it please contact me for assistance.

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[TOP]Curriculum Vitae
Here is my Curriculum Vitae. Please feel free to download it. Should you have trouble opening it please contact me for assistance.

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