Admission requirements

You need to have successfully completed a four-year university degree or equivalent (that is, level 7 following the National Qualifications Framework). For the MSc courses, you need a BSc Honours degree or equivalent and SAQA NQF7 is required. For the B.A. and M. Inst. Agrar. courses, the required courses comprise a wide range of degrees that would allow access to registration. Applicants for full time study need a minimum of 60% for their four-year degree mentioned above. Admission is done on a competitive basis with due consideration to establishing an equitable profile for each of the respective areas of specialisation.

Closing date: end of October 2014 for 2015 academic year.

It is possible to register for a degree on a part-time basis. However, be aware of the following:

  1. There are fewer seats available for part time students than there are for full time students.
  2. Applicants for part time studies are selected using more stringent requirements than those for full-time study.
  3. Applicants for part time studies are selected based on their academic record and professional experience.

Language proficiency: In addition to the above requirements, applicants need to pass a standard University of Pretoria language proficiency test with respect to your ability in the English language. Exemption is given to applicants who have written this test as undergraduates. If a student does not pass the test, we recommend bridging training in order to achieve proficiency in your English reading and writing skills. On an individual basis we may, in addition, recommend further topics at honours level. Bridging training normally takes twelve months. Students who have successfully completed the bridging training have automatic acceptance to continue with their degrees.