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Search the 2002 UP calendar

Please complete one or more of the fields in the following form if you would like to do a search on the 2002 Calendar Data Base of the University of Pretoria. You may complete any one or all three fields. Separate lists will be displayed for keywords and dates. When you have completed the form, please click on the "Search" button at the bottom of the screen to conduct the search.

Calendar event search term(s):
Hint: If you would like to search on both parent or parents and parental, enter the keyword as parent. The search will be conducted on any string matching the root given. Separate keywords (maximun 5 keywords) with a space between them, can be given. Also, if you would like to see school holidays, enter the name of the province. For e.g. Christian Holy Days, enter the word Christian. All the events matching these keywords will be shown, and can be printed.

Starting date of event(s):
(Please enter the optional starting date as YYYYMMDD. By entering a starting date only : All the events taking place on that date will be shown.
Ending date of event(s):
(Please enter the optional ending date as YYYYMMDD. By entering a starting date and an ending date: The events for the particular period will be shown.